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This insurance cover applies to all non-contracted rugby players in New Zealand. It is funded by New Zealand Rugby and all claims are administered by the New Zealand Rugby Foundation. This is for catastrophic injury as defined in the policy wording below.

Who is covered?

All teams including senior players, reserves, coaches, managers, rugby administration (whilst acting in an official capacity), medical professionals as well as a referee, ball boys and two touch judges on match days.

Cover is only provided to persons between the ages of 5 and 64.

What is covered?

Players Under 16

Player under the age of 16 are covered under items 2 to 8 only.

Education Fund

If an amount payable for additional education to a licensed learning institution, resulting from a claim under items 2 to 8, then an additional payment of $15,000 will be made to that player to set up an education fund.


1. Accidental death$155,000

2. Permanent total disablement$155,000

3. Permanent and incurable paralysis of all limbs$155,000

4. Permanent total loss of sight of both eyes$155,000

5. Permanent loss of use or loss of two limbs$155,000

6. Permanent total loss of sight of one eye$62,000

7. Permanent total loss of use or loss of one limb$62,000

8. Permanent total loss of hearing in one ear*$62,000

*as a result of accident (illness/sickness is not covered).

When and where are you covered?

Engaging or playing in official club matches or activities including championships, club or representative matches or activities.

Engaging in organised training or practice for activities as described in 1 above.

Uninterrupted travel directly between the matches or activities in 1 or 2 above and the person's residence or place of employment.

Staying away from the person's home district during a tour for the purposes of participation in representative matches or activities.

Engaging in official speaking or presentation engagements for the sporting organisation to which the person belongs.

Policy Document

The policy contains a number of exclusions and conditions. Please contact Marsh for further information.

How to Apply

This insurance is funded by New Zealand Rugby and is automatically provided to everyone listed under Who is covered?

All incidents of a serious rugby or rugby related injury need to be reported by your club to New Zealand Rugby via your local Provincial Union. Where assistance may be required the Provincial Union will engage with the Rugby Foundation of New Zealand to visit and assess the needs of the injured player and any assistance they can provide.

If you have any queries contact Marsh.