We care, advocate for and champion the safety of all the players in the game we love.

​​​​​​​ABOUT US.

Founded in adversity but forged in hope, the New Zealand Rugby Foundation champions the safety of all players in the game we love.

Formed in 1986, by All Black great Kel Tremain and Hawke’s Bay philanthropist Sir Russell Pettigrew to assist areas of rugby in need, the Foundation now works to ensure that the message of safety first is front of mind for all rugby players, alongside the comprehensive support they provide to all seriously injured rugby players financially and emotionally, for life.

The Foundation co-ordinates and provides immediate and more long-term support to seriously injured players and their wider whānau to navigate through this life-changing process. This is done in tandem with the incredible clinical care provided by the New Zealand medical system and the ACC.

We are experts in our field and have since the inception of the Foundation, supported 114 seriously injured players, for the duration of their life. Our experience shows that each seriously injured player and the whānau that supports them is completely different, so we tailor what we provide and recognise that each person will need to access a range of resources, across their lifetimes.

A registered charity (CC42547), the only foundation of its kind in New Zealand sport.​​​​​​​